Hey there, what’s up?

I’m Collins Enebeli and welcome to my blog! Lets do a little throwback.

I’ve always been a guy that loves tech related things right from the days when java phones were still in vogue. I wanted to know how it all worked, actually, i want to know everything! Unfortunately, you can’t literally be a jack of “all” trades so i decided to be a jack of technology (which is still literally impossible but… Ok).

Sometime ago, I started blogging as a hobby on wordpress.com. During the process of reading more, watching videos and other extras just to improve, I discovered web development and realised I could do more than just blogging. That was how I started learning how to code for the web.

Fast forward to preset day, I learnt a  lot overtime and now, I’m a web developer, a blogger, a marine engineer (in the making), a digital marketer, a vLogger and of course, a young, black & proud African.

As a tech enthusiast, I love attending tech events and researching about the latest tech trends so i started TechKadet to share tech news, trends, events, interviews, coding tips and ideas with the world.

Yeah, I am a social person too