Hi there, welcome to my blog. Today, I’ll be talking about something I’m really excited about… It’s NaijaHacks 2019!!!

So I got to know about NaijaHacks some few weeks ago and I got interested then I started making more research on what it is all about and how to be part of it. I finally decided to apply as a developer to be part of the competing team but opps! I was late.

Nevertheless, I still get to attend the event as a guest and of course, as a blogger and I’ll be sharing an insider view here immediately after the event so watch this space!

Now, lets shift our attention to why we came here, the big question: Why Should You Attend NaijaHacks 2019?

As a developer or a tech enthusiast, this shouldn’t even be up for debate but hey, we asking for the general public right? Yeah, So Lets dive in;

5 Reasons Why You should Be at The #NaijaHacks2019 Event


1. NaijaHacks Is The Biggest Hackathon In Africa

I know y’all might be think of “hackathon” as a gathering of hackers who have come to showcase hacking skills or do those cool stuffs you see in movies. On the contrary, a hackathon doesn’t actually involve all that.

A hackathon is an event, usually lasting for a day or more where programmers, developers, designers, specialists and others involved in software development work collaboratively in groups on a software project.

NaijaHacks was created with the vision of providing young Nigerians and Africans opportunity to showcase their skills in building solutions to the various problems we face in everyday life through software development.

Previous participants of the competition have been able to provide solutions that solve problems in some important sectors of the economy and this year’s participants are looking more promising and have big ideas and solutions that you wouldn’t want to miss

2. You Get The Opportunity To Listen To Experts From All Over The World

One of the major reasons why I love to be at events like this is because of the inspiration and ideas that I can get from experts and role models that will be available to share some chunk of knowledge with attendees.

  • Jackye Judge for NaijaHacks 2019
  • doug gold naijahacks2019 judge
  • Namnso Ukpanah Flutter NaijaHacks 2019
  • Obafunto Ayinoluwa
  • Munachi Nwoke Judge
  • Oluwa sola Obagbemi Judge
  • Opeoluwa Victor Babasanmi NaijaHacks
  • Stanley Chukwuma

As the saying goes, No amount spent for knowledge is too much so why not get your tickets at eventbrite and have the opportunity of listening to the big names in the industry as they share their ideas at NaijaHacks 2019

4. You get to meet people with like minds (Techies, Developers, Digital Marketers, etc)

There is no better place to meet other young, smart individuals who are interested in tech as much as you do.

At NaijaHacks 2019, you get to meet, greet and connect with developers, business experts, designers and many others. The venue will be overflowing with talent!

3. There Is Food!

Yayyy! I don’t think there is anyone who wouldn’t love to get some refreshments at a public function. Well, I didn’t get to attend last year’s edition but the pictures I saw were enough to get my mouth wet. Here, have a sneak peak from last year…

Food At NaijaHacks2019
Photo credit: RedCarpetOnTV

I’m not sure you would want to miss all these. The event starts 8:00AM, 17th December so it isn’t too late to get your tickets now.

5. Your Favourite Celebrities Will Be At NaijaHacks 2019

Of course! Celebrities love tech too and will be present at this year’s edition of NaijaHacks. This is an opportunity to meet that celebrity you’ve been watching on TV.

Last year, big names like Don Jazzy as well as others were present and this year’s edition promises more.

Don Jazzy At NaijaHacks 2019
Photo credit: RedCarpetOnTV

Yeah, I’ll be there too and you get to meet me in person. Don’t hesitate to walk up and say hi if perhaps you spot me at the venue.

In addition to all these, the fun, the excitement, the experience, the thrill and every other things that you will be exposed to are enough reasons why you really should be present at this year’s edition, #naijahacks2019.

Don’t forget to check back next week as I will be sharing a review and highlights after the event.

See you there!

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  1. Clinton December 12, 2019 at 9:57 pm

    Nice nice. I’m so hyped on going now

    1. TechKadet - Site Author December 12, 2019 at 10:00 pm

      Yeah go for it!


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